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An Amber To Remamber (Amber)

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Style: Amber
Name: An Amber To Remamber
Brewer: Adam Allegrucci
Batch Size: 5 Gallon
Date Brewed: 11-21-20


7lb – Pale Malt
2lb – Vienna Malt
1.5lb – Crystal 120

.5oz El Dorado (60)
.5oz El Dorado (10)
.5oz El Dorado (whirlpool)

American Ale Yeast (Wyeast)

Original Gravity 1.046
Final Gravity 1.010
ABV 4.7%

Brew notes

Mash-Temp: 148º F
Batch Sparge: 163º F
Pre-boil Gravity: 1.024
Pre-Boil Volume: 7 gal.
60 minute boil
Post-Boil Volume: 6 gal.
Pitching Temp: 78ºF
2 wk fermentation
Kegged / Force Carbonated

Tasting Notes


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