Social Marketing / Brand Awareness
June 2024

Concept & Animation: Adam Allegrucci
Client: 20/20NOW

My inspiration for this animation for 20/20NOW came from imagination and a sense of kid-like nostalgia. One of the main selling points for 20/20NOW is how they can help grow your optical business. So, I thought, why not play on childhood building blocks and create a fun video with some cool movement?

I came up with the idea one evening, sketching out a short storyboard or concept in my notebook. I started by creating a single styleframe to set the direction for the rest of the video. Everything was built in Illustrator and After Effects, and soon I had a video I was happy with.

I believe it’s important to bring some fun into your work and show a playful side that viewers can connect with.



1. sketches and concept creation
Before I ever touched the computer I sat around one night and came up with these sketches to work from to create this animation.

2. Styleframe
Once I had the idea, I opened Illustrator and worked on some colors, along with the look and feel I wanted to achieve.