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My homebrew headquarters. Come on in and grab a pint!

Quencher Pale Ale

Overall Rating  8.5/10 Style: Pale Ale Name: Quencher Brewer: Adam Allegrucci Batch Size: 5 Gallon Date Brewed: 1-16-21 Recipe 8lb – 2 Row 2lb – Vienna 1lb – Crystal 20 1lb – Crystal 60 2oz Amarillo (30) American Ale Yeast ll Original Gravity 1.048… Read More »Quencher Pale Ale

Nutty Brown Road (Brown Ale)

Overall Rating  8.5/10 Style: Brown AleName: Nutty Brown RoadBrewer: Adam AllegrucciBatch Size: 5 GallonDate Brewed: 12-6-20 Recipe 8lb – Marris Otter1.25lb – C. 601lb – Crystal 120 1oz Kent Goldings (60).5oz Kent Goldings (30).5oz Kent Goldings (10) London Ale lll (Wyeast) Original Gravity 1.050Final… Read More »Nutty Brown Road (Brown Ale)