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Find recipes, reviews and my process for brewing. I’ll be continually adding new content as I brew, so be sure to check back often.

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My Equipment

  • Dark Star propane burner

  • 10 gallon aluminum kettle x2 (brewing kettle)

  • Converted 10 gallon cooler (mash tun)

  • 17 gallon Galvanized bucket (ice bath)

  • SS Brewtech Brew Bucket

Helpful Tips and Info


(Original Gravity - Final Gravity) x 131.25 = ABV

Original Gravity is 1.070 and Final Gravity is 1.010, you subtract 1.070 – 1.010 = 0.06, then multiply that by 131.25 and your ABV is 7.875%

Note: Make sure your hydrometer water is room temperature for your readings and that you measure from the low point on the liquid and not the lifted part against the hydrometer.


(Grain Bill (weight) x 1.5) / 4 = Gallons of Mash Water

Grain bill is 12 lbs, multiply that by 1.5 = 18, then divide that by 4 and you’ll need 4.5 gallons of water for your mash

Note: This calculation is for my setup and batch sparging. The actual amount you multiply by your grain bill can be anywhere between 1.25 and 1.50 (I use 1.50).

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