Social Marketing / Brand Awareness
August 2023

Concept & Animation: Adam Allegrucci
Client: 20/20NOW

For this project, I created a video focusing on prescriptions for 20/20NOW. My aim was to design a piece that is both eye-catching and scroll-stopping. Starting with rough sketches, I brought the concept to life using Illustrator and After Effects.

These weekly videos are designed to be short and to highlight different selling points of 20/20NOW. I’ve had a lot of fun creating content that stands out and grabs the viewer’s attention.

Did I hit the mark?


1. Rough Storyboard Idea
For this project I started with some rough sketches to make it fun and include a lot of movement. Prescriptions aren’t inherently fun by themselves so I was challenged to visually make this video keep the viewers attention. I though some nice match cuts, morphing type transition and pacing would be just what the (eye) doctor ordered 😉