Social Marketing / Brand Awareness
May 2023

Concept & Animation: Adam Allegrucci
Client: Motion Graphic Warehouse, Personal LLC

Motion Graphic Warehouse is my personal freelance business, created to showcase my motion design and video services. For this project, I wanted to develop a concept that would allow me to produce a truly awesome animated marketing video.

My goal was to take the project from idea to completion, including storyboarding, contracting a voice-over talent, and animating the final video. This project was both challenging and incredibly fun, giving me the chance to fully utilize and showcase my skills.


1. Concept and Storyboard
I experimented with various ideas for this project before settling on the concept of building the perfect video recipe. I envisioned a cool animation of a bowl of ramen, which would then animate and transition into the next scene. Once I had a rough storyboard, I took it into Illustrator to create the graphics and then moved on to After Effects. I added the voice-over and made adjustments as the project came together. In the end, the final product was close to my original idea but evolved into something I was proud to share.