Social Marketing / Brand Awareness
April 2023

Concept & Animation:
Adam Allegrucci


I had the incredible opportunity to develop social marketing content for 20/20NOW, a Tele-Optometry company. My goal was to create a brand awareness video that was both engaging and informative, highlighting key selling points of 20/20NOW.

The concept revolved around using an animated eye as the central guide through the video. Given the focus on eye health, this idea felt particularly fitting and allowed me to inject personality and dynamism into the animation. The result is a captivating and lively representation of the brand’s message and values.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it!


1. Rough Storyboard Idea
This was the original storyboard ideas I came up with for this project. As you can see, the main idea was there but as I started putting it together in After Effects I made some changes.