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Digital Illustration

I’ve recently been doing a lot of drawing. Continually trying to get better, learn more techniques and find ways to make my work look more professional. So, I pulled out the iPad and started playing around with Procreate. It’s been a while but I have always felt like this would be a great platform for me to take my illustrations to the next level.

For me, color has always been my Achilles’ heel. So, I’ve been really striving lately to make my illustrations children’s book ready and with color. The process is not completely familiar yet. I know that will come with use and time. I am just making it my mission to learn, draw and experiment so that I can build up the skills needed to thrive and feel more confident.

Here are my latest digital illustrations, and I’ll post more as I learn. I’d love to get your feedback and thoughts on my illustrations too so don’t be shy, all constructive criticism is welcome.

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